Everyone’s choice of healthy and delicious chocolate drink with added Beta-Glucan which is scientifically proven to improve body’s immune system.

SP Naturals Omega-3 Chewable is a superior blend of EPA and DHA obtained from wild ocean fish which is essential to the human body with added orange flavour to eliminate fishy odour.

SP Naturals Chlorella with added green apple flavour is a functional drink that helps to detoxify and remove heavy metal from your bloodstream and body.

Super Anti-Oxidant contains OPC (strong antioxidants) against free radicals, disarming their ability from damaging healthy cells.

Shoo! Anti Mosquito Repellent is formulated to provide protection against mosquitoes. It contains natural active ingredient that is safe for use in all ages.


One of the world's most popular confections. SP Naturals Omega-3 Smart Gummies comes in 3 different flavours: Lemon, Orange and Strawberry.

With Natural MicroSilver BG

Effective non-drying formula for acne-prone skin. The cream reduces the severity, size and frequency of breakout.

SP Naturals Omega-3 Chewable is a superior blend of EPA and DHA obtained from wild ocean fish which is essential to the human body with added honey lemon flavour to eliminate fishy odour.

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