About Us

Simpor Pharma Sdn. Bhd. is Brunei Darussalam’s pioneering contract manufacturer in compliance with the worldwide current GMP standard for pharmaceutical products and health supplements, including softgels, hard shell capsules, tablets, powder, and oral liquid.

Simpor’s newly built pharmaceutical plant is a 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility situated on a 7.5-acre plot within Salambigar Industrial Site, the first in Brunei Darussalam.

The facility has been custom designed and built to meet pharmaceutical requirements (PIC/S GMP) in terms of design, materials of construction, HVAC, utilities including purified water, drains, electrical and lighting systems.

Raw materials, intermediates, and finished products are tested in compliance with specifications, as well as USP requirements.  The attention to quality, cleanliness and compliance, through all stages of manufacturing, is a critical corporate requirement for Simpor in demonstrating and maintaining product quality and safety.

Today, Simpor Pharma Sdn Bhd is to become the hub for exporting Halal pharmaceutical products and health supplements in the global market.

About Simpor Pharma

SP is Brunei's first and only halal natural health, pharmaceutical and skincare brand that utilizes advanced technology and expertise from Canada. We are passionate in delivering products that have been stringently researched and tested to meet your expectations.

SP adheres to current Good Manufacturing Practices to bring about products that you and your family can trust.

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Lot P18, P19, P28, P29 Salambigar Industrial Park, Jalan Utama Tanah Jambu, BU 1129, Brunei Darussalam

Call Center: (673) 239 3688
E-Mail: info@simporpharma.com