Huo Ho Health Awareness Month 2015


Our products are featured at Hua Ho Manggis in conjunction with Hua Ho Health Awareness Month 2015 between 24 August to 06 September 2015. All customers will receive a 10% discount on all SP products. On top of that, customers who purchase 5 boxes of B-Glucan Cocoa Malt are entitled for a free gift consisting of SP Skincare products.

Throughout the event, we will conduct various activities including free health screening, kids activities, health awareness talks and much much more. Come and join us! Schedule can be found below.

Date Time Activity
26 August, Wednesday 9.00am Opening Ceremony – Launching by Deputy Permanent Secretary.
10.30am-11.00am Introduction of Simpor Pharma.
2.30pm “Let’s Shop Healthier” talk and Grocery tour.
28 August, Friday 3.00pm-3.30pm Healthy way of eating.
29 August, Saturday 2.30pm Grocery tour by Health Education Officer.
3.00pm-3.30pm Benefits of Beta-Glucan.
30 August, Sunday 11.00am-11.30am Kids Activity.
11.30am-12.30pm Importance of personal hygiene.
4.00pm-4.30pm Kids Activity.
4.30pm-5.00pm Importance of personal hygiene.
02 September, Wednesday 2.30pm Grocery tour lead by KESAN volunteers.
04 September, Friday 2.00-6.00pm Free Health Screening.
2.30pm Grocery tour by KESAN volunteers.
3.00pm-3.30pm Benefits of Beta-Glucan.
05 September, Saturday 10.00am-6.00pm Free Health Screening.
2.30pm Grocery tour by KESAN volunteers.
3.00pm-3.30pm Benefits of Beta-Glucan.
06 September, Sunday 10.00am-6.00pm Free Health Screening.
11.00-11.30am Kids Activity.
11.30am-12.00pm Importance of personal hygiene.
2.30pm Grocery tour by KESAN volunteers.
4.00pm-4.30pm Kids Activity.
4.30pm-5.00pm Introduction of Simpor Pharma.
About Simpor Pharma

SP is Brunei's first and only halal natural health, pharmaceutical and skincare brand that utilizes advanced technology and expertise from Canada. We are passionate in delivering products that have been stringently researched and tested to meet your expectations.

SP adheres to current Good Manufacturing Practices to bring about products that you and your family can trust.

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