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Our highest gratitude and appreciation to everyone!

It’s a wrap for ASEAN Consumer Fair (ACF) 2015! We would like to express our highest gratitude and appreciation to all government officers, newspaper editors, invited guests, and the general public for your support on our roadshow event. Thank you very much!

Throughout this event, Bruneians were able to learn about Simpor Pharma with in-depth understanding on our Made in Brunei Halal health supplements. We aim to raise health awareness in all age groups through our first range of products such as omega-3 fish oil and CoQ10 as a prevention towards the risk of cardiovascular disease which contributes to the highest mortality rate in Brunei Darussalam.

We have received a large number of positive feedbacks on our company and the products we manufacture during the 5-days event at ICC, Berakas. We believe consumption of health supplements alongside with healthy diet can bring about significant changes to one’s lifestyle such as reduction in cholesterol level and joint pains.

Beside the existing range of products we currently have, our pre-sale products such as Cocoa Malt (with added Beta-glucan), Anti-oxidant and Vitamin C functional drinks have also received excellent reviews during ACF. We have received numerous pre-sales orders from our valued customers and will be available for collection soon. SP is going to introduce a few more products such as Beauty Collagen, Smart DHA, Multi-Vitamin, B-complex and Functional Gummy Candies in the near future.

Not to forget, our Raya promotion is still on-going! Raya vouchers can still be purchased and given out as Raya gifts to your family and friends; the voucher entitles customers to purchase our products at amazing prices. For more information, follow us on social media: | Instagram: @simporpharma

We would like to invite you to join us again on the next consumer fair happening in January 2016! Wider range of products, fun games and free goodies will be available then! Stay tuned for more updates

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