SP Brand – Brunei Locally Own Brand

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SP Brand – Brunei locally own brand under Simpor Pharma Sdn Bhd that offers range of products from health supplements to cosmetics. With the support from renowned manufacturer Viva Pharmaceuticals, Canada, our products are of HIGH QUALITY and certified HALAL. Our raw materials, intermediates, and finished products are tested for compliance with with all our regulations. Attention to quality, cleanliness and Halal compliance, through all stages of manufacturing, is a mandatory requirement for Simpor in demonstrating and maintaining product quality and safety.

In line with MOH Brunei’s Visi 2035 “Together Towards A Healthy Nation”, Simpor Pharma aims to promote healthy living by lifestyle changes and making healthier choices. Our SP NATURAL products, improves body function with products ranging from Vitamins, mineral to antioxidants. Our objective is to promote the benefits of taking supplements and how it reduces the risks of Non-communicable diseases (NCD) such as heart attack, cancers and diabetes.

First public unveiling in the ASEAN consumer fair, Brunei will be the first to behold our new SP Brand products. Visitors to the consumer fair will be able to purchase fish oils, CoQ10, Vitamin E, Hand Sanitizers, and more from our booth at a discounted price. Come to our booth for free drink samplings, games and prizes to be won.

Public could also stand a chance to be our VIP member where you are able to enjoy extra discounts and invitation to our product launching event in the near future. Pre-sale for products such as e.g. multivitamins, gummy bear, cocoa drink and even cosmetics that are not released yet would also be available.

About Simpor Pharma

SP is Brunei's first and only halal natural health, pharmaceutical and skincare brand that utilizes advanced technology and expertise from Canada. We are passionate in delivering products that have been stringently researched and tested to meet your expectations.

SP adheres to current Good Manufacturing Practices to bring about products that you and your family can trust.

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Lot P18, P19, P28, P29 Salambigar Industrial Park, Jalan Utama Tanah Jambu, BU 1129, Brunei Darussalam

Call Center: (673) 239 3688
E-Mail: info@simporpharma.com